Destinia takes a technological leap with its new website and mobile app

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Destinia is unveiling an updated website that’s faster and more modern. In addition to a new look that’s cleaner and more atmospheric, with all the search engines built in (hotels, flights, trips, flights+hotel and rental cars), the new website has been redesigned with the goal of total responsiveness in order to adapt to any device. “Travellers use multiple devices, and we want to offer them an optimised experience that’s consistent no matter how they access us, making the shopping process as easy as possible”, indicates Destinia CEO, Amuda Goueli.

The online travel agency unveils its updated, responsive website with 32 languages, three times the speed and personalised content

The new mobile app enables users to hire cars and access their reservation history. Destinia is finalising a tablet version

Reservations made on mobile devices represented 14% of the total for 2014. In regions like MENA, accounted for 21% of all reservations

Destinia has not only changed visual aspects of the website, but has also worked to make it more customisable, which has involved significant changes in programming to provide it with multi-language, multi-market and multi-product functionality. The content now adapts to the client’s country not only in terms of language (the website is available in 32 languages) and local currency, but also in the offers that are displayed, with origins and destinations based on the country from which the client is accessing the site. “Adapting to the travel preferences of each market and offering interesting recommendations are key components of our service”, adds Goueli. The website is also three times faster now.

To complement the shopping experience, Destinia has renovated its mobile app and finalised a version for tablet. “A responsive website is no longer just an option, but rather an obligation; however, when it comes to mobile devices, native apps are definitely more user-friendly”, explains the CEO. In fact, nearly 40% of Destinia’s web traffic originates from mobile devices—tablets and mobile phones—and this channel represented 14% of the reservations and almost 13% of the total sales for 2014. In countries like the United Arab Emirates, mobile traffic exceeds 60%, generating 21% of all reservations.

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The new Destinia mobile app offers users the ability to hire cars in addition to other new features like the control panel where they can manage all the reservations they book and have all the information they need on hand. The new app puts a selection of more than 300,000 hotels and 600 airlines all over the world right at the user’s fingertips, always at the best price.

Three-step geolocation and reservation

The updated mobile app, which is free for both Android and iOS devices, lets you check on the status of each reservation, contact the personal agent assigned to you and view the documents—tickets and vouchers—for all of the reservations you’ve made with Destinia. The app was redesigned with the idea of improving usability, making navigation as simple and convenient as it is on the Internet. So, it includes a geolocator that permits the flight finder to detect the nearest airport to use as the point of origin, while the hotel finder uses the client’s current location as a starting point for searches.

The hotel results can also be filtered by price, by category or by the ratings given by other users on TripAdvisor. You can even search by proximity to a given point of interest. Another option is to view the establishment that best suits your needs directly on the map. When searching for flights, the app allows you to sort the results by time, flight duration, airline, airport and the existence or absence of layovers.

In the interests of maximising simplicity, we now request less information: just the email address, the information on the travellers and the payment method. The Destinia reservation system offers exceptional antifraud capabilities and systems for protecting and encrypting personal information, ensuring the privacy of all our clients.

Download the app on Google Play or from the App Store.

Download the PR in a pdf version here.

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