Havana, the most popular destination outside the US

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The United States is on the top 10 Destinia.com list when it comes to number of bookings and has moved up the ranks to be the third largest market outside of Europe for the online travel agency, with offices in Madrid, Cairo and Dubai. In 2014, bookings increased nearly threefold and Destinia decided to dig a little deeper to discover more about the American traveler – where they are going and how they are getting there.

Americans are out to have fun! Las Vegas topped the domestic destination cities chosen by Destinia.com American travelers in hotel reservations, followed by Miami and Orlando. Havana, Cuba and Cancun, Mexico were the top destination cities in the Caribbean. The Cuban capital is the most popular destination outside the US, with 60% increase in travel in 2014. Madrid and Barcelona topped the list of top European cities.

Most travelers use mobile and tablets while searching (57%), higher than their European counterparts (17%). The average booking in Europe is for 4 days and $336, while in the Caribbean is for 6 days and $605.

Over 60% of bookings in the US and Europe are for hotels. In the Old Continent, 56% stay in 4 star hotels, while at home, 66% of Americans book independent hotels.

When flying, Americans’ top airline for domestic travel is American Airlines and United Airlines for international travel. Aeromexico is the airline with the greatest increase, compared to 2013. Mexico is the gateway to Cuba, as nearly half the flights booked by Americans are between Mexico and Cuba.


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