The World’s Best Commercial Airlines

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Foto de Hernán Piñera (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Foto de Hernán Piñera (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What makes you choose one airline over another? There are thousands of airlines and we want to help you learn more about the best ones, from criteria as important as safety or punctuality to others such as website support or the quality of service by the crew. Everything counts when it comes to travelling.

According to “World Airline Awards 2014”, conducted by the UK consulting firm Skytrax, the three airlines that top the list of the world’s best are Cathay Pacific Airways, Qatar Airways y Singapore Airlines. The ranking is based on a survey of millions of international travellers from more than 160 countries. The survey asks about traveller experience on more than 245 airlines, rating elements such as in-flight experience, cleanliness, safety, customer service, comfort level, etc. the survey also takes into account pre and post sales experiences, customer service and assistance (for example in the case of lost luggage) and even the quality of the food served or the entertainment onboard.

According to the ranking, the top European airlines are Turkish Airlines coming in first, followed by Lufthansa and Swiss came in third place. British Airways, Air France y KLM are some of the other European airlines appearing in the ranking, coming in fourth, sixth and eighth place respectively.

The Safest Airlines
If we are speaking about safety, according to the website, the Australian airline Qantas is considered the safest airline, as well as the world’s most experienced airline. Among the top 10 safest airlines, three European companies made the list: British Airways, Finnair and Lufthansa.
Other categories
According to survey respondents, there are other airlines that rule in the lists of other categories, for example, the best low-cost airline (AirAsia); airlines with the best crew ratings (Garuda Indonesia); airlines with the best in-flight entertainment options (Emirates); those with the best “first class” (Singapore Airlines); and the best “business class” (Qatar Airways). Also rated are airlines while at the airport, here Air France stands out, as they have the best VIP lounges and Qatar Airways for the best business lounges for travellers.

The World’s Best Low-Cost Airlines
Among the considered airlines, the “low-cost” companies are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The fact that they are more affordable than some of the big name airlines does not reflect a lower quality or in-flight experience, just the contrary.

On the list of the best airlines worldwide three low-cost carriers stand out: AirAsia, in Europe Norwegian and Jetstar Airways from Australia. In Europe, Norwegian is joined by EasyJet, GermanWings and flybe as the best.

After this review of the top airlines worldwide, which one will you fly on your next trip?


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