Destinia promotes bitcoin, offering the cheapest flights on the market

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True to its philosophy to always offer the lowest prices, Destinia launched today a week-long promotional campaign on all flights purchased with Bitcoins. Discounts can reach up to 20% of the fair on flights,” claims Monica E. Prieto, Commercial Director at Destinia.

Destinia has launched a week-long promotional campaign for travellers paying with the virtual currency: no processing or payment method fees

Offers may reach up to 20% of the fair on flights

Destinia_BTCThe virtual currency does not require financial intermediaries, which allows the travel agency to offer very competitive prices. “Traditional payment methods, like credit cards, have a cost for the company. We want to incentivize alternative payment methods that are beneficial, both for us and for our customers, while still being fast, safe and easy to use,” explains Prieto. The result is the capacity to offer the most attractive prices ever seen on flights: without processing or payment method fees.

Currently, 80% of flights offered on can be paid for using the virtual currency. The travel agency will continue working to extend this payment form to flights on all airlines (e.g: low cost). Destinia started accepting bitcoin payments in January 28th, 2014, and it was the first one in Europe.

Dowload the press release in a pdf version: PR_BTCpromotion flights_EN_20141124

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  • Mauricio Cymerman 25 November, 2014 at 1:41 am

    quisiera saber mas de este sistema de pago pues yo no lo conozco, gracias

  • Carl Lundström 28 November, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Excellent initiative. I will always check your site with priority when buying tickets from now on.

    Carl L., Wetzikon

    • Destinia 11 December, 2014 at 4:12 pm

      Many thanks Carl for your kind words 🙂