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vuelos_Corea_detalle_ENGDestinia just closed an agreement to become the first online agency in the world to offer flights on Air Koryo, the state-owned airline of North Korea.

The international online travel agency, with more than 63 million unique visits in 2013, according to ComsCore, will be the first to offer never before sold routes: Pyongyang-Shenyang (from 365€) and Pyongyang-Vladivostok (from 405€). Destinia will also offer online booking of the route Pyongyang-Beijing for just 465€, compared to 650€ previously sold in exclusivity by AirChina. Prices are for round-trip airfare, including taxes

Destinia continues to gain positioning in the growing Asian market, while offering flights on over 500 airlines throughout the world.

First travel agency to offer online holidays from Spain to North Korea since 2013

In summer of 2013, Destinia was also the first online travel agency to offer travel packages from Spain to North Korea. “We work with an incoming tour operators based in China. There are very few travel agencies approved to offer holidays there,” says Amuda Goueli, CEO of Destinia.

North Korea is a unique destination and the political regime demands compliance with very strict requirements. Photographers and journalists are not welcome, there is no access to Internet and tourists are always accompanied by two guides, following a strict itinerary without any possible changes.

Download here the press release in a pdf version:PR_first OTA to offers flights from North KoreaOK_20150903

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