Destina launches mobile app for travelers on the go

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The art of travel includes living for the moment and this means having the flexibility to find a quality hotel and reserve it instantaneously. The new mobile app from Destinia, Hotel Near Me, combines the two attributes most demanded by modern-day travelers –price and immediacy– detecting a person’s location via GPS to provide a selection of nearby hotels which can be filtered by price. In fact, it’s possible to look for a hotel at 2:00 a.m. and begin your stay at that very moment.

‘Hotel Near Me’ finds the nearest hotels via GPS anywhere in the world from over 230,000 hotels
The app allows you to filter the search to adapt to any budget and includes photos, as well as information on hotel services
Reservations made by mobile increased 33% compared to 2013

Destinia launched the app as glassware for Google Glass in May and has migrated its technology to Smartphones so that Hotel Near Me is now available for iOS and Android users.

Designed for travelers on the go, particularly millennials and globetrotters, Hotel Near Me users have access to the Destinia database of more than 230,000 hotels worldwide, which can be filtered to adapt the search to any budget and includes photos, as well as information on hotel services. A reservation can be made with just one click, and thanks to the GPS system, the app guides users directly to the hotel entrance.


“This is the first time an app has been created for Google Glass and then jumps to the mobile version. The functionality of Hotel Near Me helped us realize that the app could be a very useful tool for the 21st century traveler, the majority of whom travel with a Smartphone. But not everyone can, or would like to, buy the glasses!” affirms Amuda Goueli, CEO of Destinia.

The mobile channel is gaining greater share, already representing 37% of visits to the online travel agency. To date, reservations made by mobile have increased by more than 33% of all reservations made via mobile in 2013. Last year mobile reservations accounted for 6.5% of all Destinia reservations, while this year to date, mobile reservations account for 10% of sales by the online agency.

To promote the launch of the Hotel Near Me app, Destinia will offer a 5% discount on the first 100 reservations made through the application.

The mobile version of the app is available in English and Spanish. Destinia is currently working on a multilingual version with various currencies.

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Download the mobile app here:
Download the press release in pdf version: PR_appHotelNearMe_smartphone_English20141113

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