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“Hello Carmen, where are you looking for a hotel?”This sentence provides Destinia’s costumers with an option to search for accomodation thanks to the new and authomatized chat service (chatbot) in  Destinia’s Facebook Messenger. This is the first version of a new feature designed to facilitate daily communication with costumers on the important channel that is Facebook.

“Technology opens up interesting ways to innovate in how we interact with our costumers. Now, we’ll be able to deal with these kinds of requests in a more comfortable way for the users by offering accommodation options that suit their needs right away, but this is only the first step in order to improve the costumer experience. Once this system is launched, we want to analyze how costumers use it, learn from them and, needless to say, improve natural language processing,” says Amuda Goueli, Destinia CEO.

Destinia is the first online travel agency in Spain to make a chatbot on Facebook Messenger open to the public, after several months of internal development to adapt the information the company manages in real time on the web to this channel.

Furthermore, this initial chatbot opens the door for future new areas of work that can help automatically manage other costumer requests, such as reservation cancellation, and make it available to search for other services, such as flights. In addition, this logic can be applied to other social networks, like Whatsapp. For now, this chatbot –available in Spanish and English– will be launched in French, German, Portuguese, and Arabic in order to help costumers in Destinia’s main markets.



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