Destinia offers scooter rentals online for holiday destinations

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The latest travel initiative introduced by Destinia is the possibility for clients to also rent scooters through the website. This service is offered for various destinations in Spain, such as Barcelona, Formentera, Benidorm, Granada, Ibiza, Madrid, Mallorca, Menorca, Valencia, and as well in Rome, Italy. “We realized that there was a clear demand for a certain profile of traveller, many coming from outside of Spain and mostly during the summer holiday months”, notes Monica E. Prieto, Commercial Director at Destinia. This option can be found within the cars rental section of the website.

Scooter rentals are just another addition to the latest initiatives to expand Destinia’s service offering to travellers and increase their ability to customize the travel experience. To highlight a few, travellers can: reserve access to VIP Lounges at various airports worldwide, book a private transfer service to or from the airport or visualize through a specific icon whether a flight offers halal food options within the in-flight meal service.

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