Destinia now offers train travel to the United States

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The agency will sell train travel on Amtrak, one of the country’s largest railway operators, allowing online train+hotel package bookings from everywhere.

Destinia broadens its offering of train travel and, as of the end of 2015, has begun to commercialise train travel on Amtrak, one of the largest railway operators in the United States. The agreement joins the list of countries where the agency already offers online train travel bookings: Italy, Benelux (international trains between Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France), Canada and the United Kingdom, in addition to the offering of services in Spain by RENFE between Spain-Portugal and Spain-France. With the latest addition, Destinia can now offer Train+Hotel packages in the US market.

“All of the relevant train stations on the major rail routes are available. We are unable to offer the complete rail network for the moment, as Amtrak covers more than 3,000 stations in small towns across the entire country. There is no other OTA in Spain that offers this service online”, notes Víctor Oliva, Director of the Destinia Transportation Department.

The train+hotel package is a product that has been received well by travellers, even though there is much room for growth. The 2015 top 10 destinations in Spain –based on the number of reservations– were: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Zaragoza, Valencia, Tarragona, Alicante and Lleida. Among international destinations, the following stand out: Paris, Milan, Rome, Lisbon and Amsterdam.


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