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Given the increasing restrictions Venezuelans have to use their domestic currency, Bitcoins are gaining traction throughout the country

Using the virtual currency, they will be able to purchase flights, hotels, and any tourist service

The economic situation Venezuela is experiencing is becoming ever more complex. Given the increased restrictions Venezuelans are facing, Destinia has decided to operate there only in Bitcoins so as to ease as much as possible the reservation process for locals.

According to the local media, Bitcoins are gaining traction as a result of a tight currency exchange control in place since 2003 and the constant fall of the value of the local currency. The Surbitcoin.com site, which introduces itself as the first Bitcoins marketplace in Venezuela, states that users of the cryptocurrency have grown from 450 in August 2014 to over 85,000 in November this year.

“Venezuelans not only face difficulties to leave the country, but also to pay with credit cards, as they are only allowed to use the domestic currency. Prioritising Bitcoins as the means of payment may be of help,” Víctor Oliva, responsible for the Transport department points out. Destinia accepts this virtual currency since 2014, and you can use it to purchase any product or service.

Although Venezuela is not a strategic market for Destinia, reservations coming from that country have risen by 34% so far this year. La Habana, Isla Margarita, Madrid, and Varadero, besides the capital city, are among the most popular destinations. The flight routes showing the highest demand are Caracas – Madrid, Caracas – Santiago de Chile, Caracas – Cumana (Venezuela), and Caracas – Ciudad de México.

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