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Customers that find a convenient flight fare may block it for up to 14 days

This service alerts the customer if there is a lower price available and provides coverage in case the saved fare raises up to 200€

Searching for a flight to any place, finding a convenient price, and being able to block it without having to buy it yet! Destinia launches a FareKeeper service that lets customers block a price found on the website for a period within 1 and 14 days and a price that ranges from 4€ to 16€ -the fare block and the amount to be paid vary depending on the flight-.


During this time, in case the flight fare drops, the customer will receive the new fare via email. When it comes to purchasing, this service also protects the customer against increases of up to 200€ per passenger in the blocked fare. In case this limit is exceeded, the customer may choose not to complete the purchase without further commitment than to pay for the ‘FareKeeper service. ‘We strongly believe the service will be very welcomed among customers as we are responding to a growing demand they have been requesting’, says Victor Oliva, responsible for the Transport product at Destinia.

Currently, Destinia offers this service to block the round trip fare in the web version for PC’s and portable devices for customers in Spanish-speaking markets and in 6 additional languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian), and it will soon be ready in a mobile version.

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