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Reza Parastesh, the F.C. Barcelona’s player´s Iranian clone, will star in the travel agency’s next promotional campaign

“Given the excitement that football creates in Iran, we had it clear since we became aware of his existence: We had to hire him as brand ambassador,” says Beatriz Oficialdegui, Destinia’s Marketing Director. Said and done. Reza Parastesh, the young Iranian student who has become famous at home and abroad, will be Destinia’s advertising image in the process of entering the Iranian market, where Destinia was the first occidental travel agency to launch operations in the country in the summer of 2015.

“His image fits our philosophy of being affordable in terms of price and destinations perfectly. You don’t need to be an idol to have a good time like he does. We hired Messi’s double so he can travel twice as much as Messi himself,” Oficialdegui adds. The agency will add Messi’s clone to its external promotional activity now that they already have in place.  In a city known for its heavy traffic, Destinia customized an iconic car – a Volkswagen Beetle – and put it on display for the first time at the 10th edition of Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E.), the country’s most important tourism fair, which took place last February. Now, they are showing it around Tehran’s main malls to advertise the brand in a campaign to promote downloading the app. “Messi’s double will be a fantastic double lure and we haven’t ruled out the idea of campaigning with him in Spain,” adds the MK Director.

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